Previous Work Streams

Schweppes Gold Egypt*


Launched in 2009, captured 33% SOS in the first 3 months of operation. Awarded 2nd SVP Global Innovations R&D Award from Coca Cola Atlanta.

Cappy Juice with FruitBite*


The first juice for the Coca Cola company  with actual fruit bites. All formulations,  concepts, packaging, artwork & RTM developed from scratch. 

Bario Pepsico*


To address a very fast growing beverage segment, Pepsico needed to enter the flavored malt category. An entire commercialization plan was delivered. 



An innovative salad restaurant that tapped into a growing health food trend in Cairo. It was awarded by Trip Advisor in the its year of operations and by Cairo360 Editor Choice Awards in 2014 & 2016 for Healthy Eating.

Fitnation Microwavable Meals


The first healthy, ready to eat, microwavable meals in Egypt. A unique concept that until today operates only from online orders. 

Fiancee Cream Gel*


Revamped a heritage brand & relaunched the entire product line which led to a 4% share point gain within 2 months & regaining the market leadership position.

9/10 of Innovations FAIL

Our approach & process ensures that we are consistently within the 10% that do not. 



After the currency floatation in Egypt, there was an opportunity to create & launch a very famous waffles category to fill a market pricing gap. At 6 month post launch, Stroofee was available across every key account, including Starbucks Egypt. 



The Squeezy packaging was designed to provide a more convenient cooking experience and is available for harrissa,  garlic & onion paste. 



In spite of being a well established and leading company within the napkins category, Zeina lacked relevance and faced an identity issue that needed to be addressed. With the help of ChatzAnderson, the total SKU portfolio was revamped to tackle this issue. 

*This brand was developed while contractually employed  by their respective companies.